Toyslogic Reward System

Toyslogic reward point is called Star Point.

- Star Points can be earned from purchasing on Toyslogic website, and other ways.

- Star Points is pending until the order is paid in full, in which case the Star Points will be converted to earned.

- You can redeem earned Star Points during check out.

- You can review the available Star Points (earned or pending) in "My account"


What is the Points redeem value and earning rate?

100 Star points can be redeemed for $1. There is no minimum requirment of how many Star points to redeem.

Earning rate will be depending on the product. In general, it is $1.00 = 1 Star point. Some products may have double or triple earning rate.

Are there any maximum or minimum redeem limitations?

There is no minimum redeem value , so you can redeem even one Star Point. There is a maximum of 30000 Star points when redeeming.


Can I redeem pending Star Points?

No, you can only redeem earned Star Points.

Do my Star Points Expire?

No, Star Points do not expire.


Please contact us ( if you have any question for the reward system.