Order and Payment

How to order

Please use our shopping cart to order, or you can contact us by email at sales@toyslogic.com for ordering question, or to request availability of an item. Our shopping cart checkout procedure is protected by secured connection to provide the greatest safety to your important information. For information of our certificate, please email us at info@toyslogic.com.

Payment Methods:

All prices on www.toyslogic.com are in USD currency.

We accept the following payments:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Money Order or Cashier Check (USD currency Only)
  • Paypal

For paypal order, the paypal receipt is the order invoice, please save the paypal receipt for your order record. We will not send out a separate confirmation email for all paypal orders.

Please note that we cannot accept credit card order from the following countries:
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines. For these countries, we can only accept payment by money order in US$ and paypal.

In Stock - these are items ready to ship from our location.

Pre-order - these are future release item that we can offer to you at a great rate.


Sold Out - these are item that are currently out of our inventory. In most cases, we will restock sold out items, except for limited production or edition items, like many Anime figure. Please send us an email for any restocking inquery.

Please note that Pre-order items can be sold out before the Pre-order deadline.

Pre-order Ended - Pre-order items are usually limited in quantity. For these pre-order items we have to pre-order in advance from manufacturer in order to ensure the availability when you place your order. After the pre-order date pass, we cannot guarantee your order because we might not be able to fullfil them even if we try to order more from the manufacturer. Please send us an email at info@toyslogic.com to check for status or last minute pre-orders from our suppliers.


To Cancel Pre-order

Please notify us as soon as possible if you are canceling your pre-order. This will help us manage our inventory. You can cancel a pre-order item as long as it is not released in Japan. If the item has already been released in Japan, there is a $10.00 minimum or 20% of the canceled item price, whichever is greater, re-stocking fee for each canceled item.

Payment via Credit Card

If making payment by credit card, the credit card will not be charged until we have confirmation from our suppliers that the product is ready to ship to us. Once you place your pre-order, you are committed to buy the item, as we are committed to fullfill your order.

Please note, that we will hold your item(s) for 5 business days. Your item(s) will go to the next person in line if payments are not received.

Please note that we may charge your credit card 2 - 4 weeks before the item is in stock at our warehouse. Once we receive the product, we will ship your order promptly.

Change of Credit Card Information

If you need to change your credit card information, please place a dummy order and input your new credit card information. You may select any one item to put into your cart and proceed to checkout. In the comments field, put "Do not record this order. This order is intended to change Credit Card information for all future payments."

Payment in Full

 If you prefer to be charged for the full payment of your pre-order at the time you place your order (so that you won't have to worry about the payment later), please leave a note or special instructions in the Comments section of your order.

Payment via PayPal or Money order

For paypal or money order payment, we may require a 10% non-refundable deposit on all items. Your deposit will be credit towards your final payment when the items is confirmed by our Suppliers.

Please note that we will hold your item(s) for 5 business days. It will go to the next person in line if payment is not received.

Please note that we may request for final payment 2 - 4 weeks before the item is actually in stock. Once we receive the product, we will ship your order promptly.

Please send PayPal payment to sales@toyslogic.com

Please send Check/Money Order to


1093 Shary Circle

Concord, CA 94518


Paypal Refund

All Paypal refunds must be requested within 60days from date of purchased. After 60days, PayPal will charge a fee on your account for receiving payment. ToysLogic is not responsible for such fees. You may request for a refund check which will take 7-14 days to process.

Shipping Cost

We estimate the shipping cost for pre-orders due to the fact that we do not have the actual items to determine the weight. If the actual shipping cost is different when we ship your order, we will inform you of the actual costs.

Customer is responsible for all shipping costs. 

Handling Cost

There is a handling fee of $2.00 for all domestic shipments. exclude Flat Rate. There is a handling fee of $5.00 for all international shipment.

Ship as They Come (one or multiple orders)

If your order(s) includes in stock and pre-order items, by default, we will charge and ship as the item becomes avialable. We will combine items from single and/or multiple orders if they are released at the same time. Additional insurance will be added to the total to cover insurance for the value of shipment.

If you do not want to combine muliple orders in one shipment, please leave a note in the comments field to instruct not to combine with other orders.

Please note additional shipping charge applies if orders are split. Please request to combine shipping if you do not want to split orders in the comments field before check out.

Combining Orders

We will allow up to 5 items to be held per customer or a time limit up to 4 weeks. When your in stock items reaches 5 items or if your item(s) is held for 4 weeks we will pack and ship automatically. Customer will be responsible for all shipping cost. Sorry space is limited in our warehouse.


All prices are subject to change.

Toyslogic reserve the right to cancel any order due to pricing error. If a pricing error occurs, you will be notified of the actual price. If you do not wish to purchase at the new price, you may cancel without penalty.

Release Date

All release dates are subject to change.

In Stocks and Pre-Orders

Subject to availability. Please note, some pre-orders may close before deadline due to limited quantity.

Stock Shortage

If a stock shortage occurs, you will be notified and placed on a waiting list for back order. If you do not wish to be on the waiting list, please notify us asap and we will remove you from the list. If back orders are not filled within 60days, your order will be deleted automatically.

Questions/Comments or Technical Problems

Please send all comments/suggestion and questions to info@toyslogic.com.

If you are having any technical problem during your visit at www.toyslogic, please report it to info@toyslogic.com. Please be sure to report the error you are getting to assist in promptly troubleshoot the problem.